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By clicking here, we will be charging you $249 and subsequently $40 after 3 months. You can cancel the membership any time after that by contacting the admin.
90 Days Detox Programme
(Pre-Course) Package
It includes:
  • "90 Days Oil Detox Programme" Course E-Book (Worth $15)
  •  "90 Days Oil Detox Programme" Course Videos for 12 Weeks (Worth $899)
  •  3 Bottles of Oil & Shipping (Worth $73)
  •  3 Months Free Facebook Group Membership (Worth $120)
  •  3 Months of Diet Consultations (Worth $200)
  •  Pre-Course Special: FREE 4 e-books on Healthy Meal Planning (Worth $50)
  • FREE: 3 e-books on guide to Weight Loss, Healthy Mind & Healthy diet (Worth $60)
  •  FREE: 2 more months of Free Facebook Group Membership (Worth $80) exclusive of oil bottles 
Original Price: $1497
LAST Special Price:  $249 $299
* You will be chargeable for membership after 3 months at $40 if you have yet to complete the course within 90 days. The price will be inclusive of a bottle of oil, shipping and assess to the all the functions & course in Facebook group.
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You have saved $1,248!!
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$249 for 90 days
= $2.76 for 1 day
How much will you spend if you go to a weight losing programme and it costs you $5k to $20k?

Do you think that the effect will last? 

How much will it help you, or rather harm you even more? 

How much medical fees do you want to spend just to get your health back?

Would you rather pay $2.76 that may cost lesser than your 1 meal to fix your body?

Which one is more worth it? You think about it.
It only takes you $2.76 per day to your goal!! 
Who should come for this programme?
Let Me Ask You.... Do You Fall Into One Of These Categories?
  •  I Want To Lose Weight Effectively
  •  I Have Serious Constipation Problem
  •  My Stomach Has Been Very Bloated For Many Years
  •  I Have Very Bad Uncontrollable Mood Swing
  •  I Fall Sick Easily At Work
  •  My Menstruation Cramps Are Very Painful
  •  My Hair Kept Falling Until There Is A Hole On It
  •  I Have Body Aches For Many Years
Let Me Help You Personally And Answer All Your Inquires. Allow Me To Show You The Way To Unlock The Persistent Tortures In Your Body. I Will Be Your Health Consultant And Give You A New Life To You
Multipurpose "Oil" Bottle 
That Is Not Only Just For Detox
We are not going to reveal the bottle yet because it is our top secret. 
But here are some of the benefits that you get can get from this bottle of "Oil":
  • It has 2 times of omega-3 than omega-6 in it
  • A moisturizer for your skin, especially if you have rashes, enzema, or allergic reactions
  •  A hair conditioner or treatment as it provides nutrition to your hair
  •  Cook with it using high temperature and not losing its nutrition at the same time
  •  Eat it raw with your rice, salad and ingredients 
  •  Remove toxins from your body just by eating it
  •  Made through chemical free process so you can be assured that is 99% natural
  •  No chemicals or additives added into this bottle of oil
  •  100% vegan friendly for vegetarian friends
  •  Natural aroma from the oil where you will not feel sick and tired of it
  •  Certified by Health Promotion Board
Don't Just Take Our WordS For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"I managed to lose weight from 109kg to 90kg after 3 months with some exercises. Although you might think this is not much, but this is the first time in my life that I have managed to lose so much weight. I am going to continue to use the oil detox method even after 90 days."
Candice Lim
"I used to be at 78kg and now I am 50kg after 3 months of strict dieting that are recommended in this program. I quit my job because I want to focus on this fully. Now I felt like a new person with full of confidence and energy."
Maybelline Koh
"You will never know what are the toxins inside you until you tried it. I was so shock when I found out that there are cancerous substances in my body for so many years. Thank goodness that they have been mostly eliminated now. "
Annabelle Sim
"This oil that they used is not solely for detoxing. I feel that it is a very good moisturizer for both my skin and scalp. I am having less hair dropping problem now and now my kids are using them too."
Jane Tan
"I have recommended all of my family members to join this program with me. They saw the difference in me from 3 months ago. Even my friends and colleagues are asking how I did manage to look so much younger now. I told them its a secret."
See Ah Keng
Q: What is pre-course? 
A: It means that the course have yet to start but you get to have the first experience when it starts.

Q: When will the course start?
A:  We are expecting it to be completed by February 2019. An email will be sent out to inform all of our students and you will be invited to our Facebook Group officially.

Q: Do I get my refund if it do not work?
A: It will definitely work for everybody. However, if you are unsatisfied, we may only refund up till 50% of the course fees. The rest are the material fees that we have paid to our suppliers, which we are unable to get the refund from them.

Q: Are there students enrolled into the course?
A: This is our first course online so there are no student yet. This is why we are making sure that we have students first before we execute our course. Otherwise, there will be no fun without any classmates!

Q: What happens after 90 days?
A: You and your family will be invited to our real venue to receive a your graduation certificate by hand. This is a form of appreciation from us for putting your efforts.

Q: What if I skipped one of the lessons?
A: Although your graduation will be delayed, you will be still be eligible to join the graduation when you finish the course.

Q: Why are there homework? Is it very difficult?
A: No, it is just an record of your daily routine. It will be very helpful when it comes to analyzing your health. More details will be given out when the course starts.

Q: When will my oil deliver? 
A:  It will deliver together when the course starts. There is no point for us to deliver it to you without any instructions given.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Contact us at
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